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Employee training is a critical activity managed by HR. Today, HR is depending on Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), and Portals to achieve the training objectives.

TMI has over a decade of experience in building LMS, LCMS, and Portals for many corporates in India and the world. Content, development of the solution, deployment, and tracking is managed by TMI’s expert team members to deliver the objectives set by HR.


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

LMS is commonly used in corporate training to store and deliver training content and track user participation. TMI’s LMS is custom built and is learning manager friendly so that the content creator can upload the content and administer training while tracking the participation and performance of the training by the employee. LMS can be effectively used for mandatory training for compliance and safety training.

Our LMS is designed to enable companies to create different tracks of the training courses to deliver to different groups of employees to fulfill specific training objectives. In effect, the LMS can be used to create a customized learning program for each employee.

Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)

At TMI we believe content makes all the difference in achieving learning objectives. Our content team develops rich content in association with the HR, and the department concerned.

The content team at TMI is staffed with skilled resources with access to subject matter experts as per the need. This content is then further curated as per the receivers’ profile.

Story-telling, infographics, animations, audio, etc are used to ensure that the content is engaging and is delivering the necessary impact.

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Learning portals are a gateway to all the resources, content, courses, videos, and other relevant training material used for training and development.

TMI design learning portals personalize the learning journey, with discoverable content, flexible to meet the objective such as employee induction, building a learning community, and celebrating the achievement of the learners. These portals enable offline and online learning and are accessible across devices thus ensuring easy accessibility to all the learners.

Test Engines

Testing of the learning is critical to assess the progress against the objectives of the learning program. TMI’s LMS, LCMS, and Portals come with built-in test engines. These tests are easy to administer, track and monitor at an aggregate or individual level.

Depending upon the objective and need, TMI has custom-built many test engines that help measure the progress of the learner and the impact of the learning on the outcomes. 


Built on Moodle

TMI’s LMS & LCMS are built on MOODLE, the world’s leading learning management system. Our team has both the expertise and the experience to build a robust, customized, and adaptive LMS or LCMS system that your organization requires.

On the front-end, the LMS built using MOODLE provides features such as a personalized dashboard, calendar integration, easy administration tools, collaborative tools & activities, enable notifications, track progress, etc.

The administration is also very user-friendly on the MOODLE platforms with features such as multilingual capabilities, user role management, bulk course creation & upload, etc.

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