Analyse Today, Predict Tomorrow

Guesswork is out. Data is in. Thanks to technology, HR can today analyze the performance of a team or an employee on an ongoing basis on multiple parameters.

TMI believes that there is an urgent need for an organization to rethink how they look at employee data. The organization needs to be future-ready by implementing HR predictive analytics & thick data analytics practices. We also believe HR effectiveness will be significantly influenced by HR Predictive analytics.

TMI Data Analytics is addressing this growing need in organizations to be able to manage data and view it in a way that they can derive deep insights from it.


Descriptive Analytics

Analyze employee level data to plan for future action. Both at an individual as well as team level.

Use interactive dashboards to over a period of time for individuals and teams to analyze past and prepare for the future.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics helps plan for the future by analyzing current actions and possible outcomes. The impact of variables on the outcome using statistical analysis provides rich options that can be weighed to help build alternative plans of action based on expected outcomes.


Prescriptive Analytics

Looking at the optimum solution or best way forward using predictive models for “what should happen”.

We build the outcome scenarios using simulation, graph analysis, recommendation engines, machine learning, etc.


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