Learning Solutions

Learn when you want, how you want

HR teams face the challenge of providing learning solutions for on-the-move teams that are disbursed across geographies. Also, each team member learns in his or her unique way. One solution does not fit all.

TMI builds learning solutions that are intuitive, accessible, adaptive, and responsive. From concept to content to delivery, it is a complete package of excellence, through a deep understanding of the needs and enabled by technology.


eLearning & mLearning Solutions

TMI’s eLearning & mLearning solutions are enabled by technology that is easy to access and use. Delivered online these solutions, ensures that the desired knowledge is delivered to all the team members seamlessly. Our modules are device-friendly and are suitable to meet bandwidth variance.

Accessible over PC, Laptop, or Smartphone, these learning modules are accessible with ease and convenience. Email, video, videoconferencing, messenger, and other modes of delivery are used to ensure the message is received by the team member. Rich with comprehensive assessment features, our eLearning & mLearning solutions provide continuous feedback to enable timely intervention by HR or the department concerned.

Both synchronous and asynchronous learning is facilitated as per the need and objectives of the program.

Custom Content Development

At TMI we believe content makes all the difference in achieving learning objectives. Our content team develops rich content in association with the HR, and the department concerned.

The content team at TMI is staffed with skilled resources with access to subject matter experts as per the need. This content is then further curated as per the receivers’ profile.

Story-telling, infographics, animations, audio, etc are used to ensure that the content is engaging and is delivering the necessary impact.


Custom Training Programs

TMI is one of the largest providers of custom training programs in India. As per the need, we develop the content and the appropriate learning process is selected as per the need and feasibility of the program.

Instructor Lead Training or Virtual Instructor Lead Training or eLearning or video learning is planned. The complete infrastructure required to deliver the program is built by TMI to ensure impactful learning. Best-in-class learning and delivery technology are used so that the learner gains the maximum from the program.

Training Process Outsourcing

If you looking to outsource a technology-driven training process, TMI is the right partner. We ensure that the objectives of reducing costs, enhancing internal bandwidth, increasing scale along with a high-quality learning experience are met.

TMI is the chosen outsourced training partner by many reputed organizations, in various sectors such as BFSI, manufacturing, healthcare, and IT. We conduct on-location programs such as large industrial plants, in-branch training, and also large-scale online training.

From content to trainers to infrastructure, TMI provides a complete range of training solutions that the HR and the department can monitor through custom-built tools and dashboards.


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